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Our Story

  • Oct 1994 started as a sole proprietor,  PC Mart Computers in Batu Pahat trading computer casing
  • Jan 1996 converted to PC Mart Sdn Bhd selling PC peripherals and UBS Software in shared Imbi Plaza office
  • Jan 1997 moved Batu Pahat office to own premise in Taman Flora
  • Sep 1999 moved office to Sg Wang Plaza retailing POS hardware and UBS Software
  • Sep 2005 moved Batu Pahat office to own premise in Taman Maju
  • Jan 2006 started to promote Fingertec Attendance and Door Access System
  • Jan 2013 started to developed Ecoleave online leave management system
  • Mar 2020 MCO, started to implement Ecoflector Software for UBS customers to access anywhere, anytime
  • Jan 2023 moved Kuala Lumpur office to own premises in Trillium, Sungai Besi

Our Awards

  • 2002 Top UBS software reseller in Kuala Lumpur
  • 2008 Sage UBS Malaysia 2nd fastest growth (Above RM 500K)
  • 2015 Sage UBS Payroll Champion and Region Champion
  • 2017 Top Malaysia Sage UBS Partner for Payroll and Accounting
  • 2021 Top Malaysia Access UBS Partner for Accounting
  • 2022 Top Access UBS Partner and UBS Accounting in Malaysia

Our Philosophy


In order to be successful, we have to sell our goods at a profit and satisfy our customers.

If we satisfy our customers but fail to make a profit, we will soon be out of business.

If we make a profit without satisfying our customers, we will soon be out of customers.

The secret of doing both lies in the one word service.

Service means doing something so valuable for the customer that she is glad to pay a price that allows us to make a profit.


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Na Boon Ting

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