Point Of Sales System

Sell in store & online, seamless O2O easy on the go

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Not just a POS. Comes with a Smart New Retail eco system for now & future.

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Business fully in control, from sales
and payments to accounting and customers.

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Cloud based, scalable, fully integrated & ready to grow with your business.

Zero error payment

Checkout can be a breeze when you use a POS system that integrates all payments. Make transactions faster, error-free and enjoyable for both you and your customers. And keep your counter clean and tidy.

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Credit/debit cards

Accept all major credit/debit cards. Simple pay with just a swipe, dip, or tap.

All-in-one terminal revenue

Say goodbye to complicated payment hardware. Just one smart gadget is all you need to accept all payments forms. Simple but more!


Accept all major credit/debit cards. Simple pay with just a swipe, dip, or tap.

Merchant portal

Useful portal for tracking all your transactions, checking reports, and getting visibility into your cash flow.

Fulfill online & offline sales

Link online orders with in-store POS systems to allow cashiers to process online orders right at the counter. Together with enabling click-and-collect option, retailers can drive more traffic & sales.


Multiple sales screen

Use product selection, barcode scan, menau or search functions to find your products.

Search for specific products

With the search functionality, employees can quickly find products by typing in keywords, brand, category or colour parameters.

Member purchase history

The system stores your customers’ purchase histories. Quickly pull recent purchase data of specific customers and provide tailored service.

Menu selection

Create different menus for different items and make adjustments with an intuitive interface. You can also add images to help employees find items faster.

Click collect

Provide simple & seamless omni-channel shopping experience, allows customers to buy online and pick up from any any of your store.

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Keep inventory in sync

You’ll never run out of stock because your inventory is instantly updated as products are sold across all your online & offline stores. We’ve made it simple to combine inventory and sell online regardless of the number of stores you operate.

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Stock balance auto update

Sync Inventory puts an end to manual stock updates, because all your stock balance will be automatically updated across all channels.

Barcode label printing

With quick setup of new stocks & print barcode labels instantly, your new items can go market in no time!

Multi location stock balance inquiry

Create different menus for different items and make adjustments with an intuitive interface. You can also add images to help employees find items faster.

Price checker

Offer customers an time-saving option to scan barcodes and check product prices on their own.

Online-Offline connected

Complete O2O management solution seamlessly connects your online stores with in-stores POS system. Effortlessly manage your entire business from one place with instant visibility and complete control.

O2O Linkable


Easily sell your products in online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee with one simple click.


Link your web store to the POS system, everything like inventory, products info & sales will be automatically synced up between offline and online stores.


Suit all kinds of F&B

Making your restaurant more efficient has never been easier. The F&B System delivers all the features you need to serve customers effectively, including customizable table plans, e-menus, self-ordering, payments & much more. It’s one solution for everything to help your restaurant become a top player in the industry.



Quick menu & modifier

Set up your menu items, recipes and meal deals with quick menu & modifier. Your data will be updated instantly across the business.

Self order kiosk

Make it easy for guests to order and pay for their meals without having to wait in line or talk to anyone in the restaurant. It’s faster, convenient & contactless!

Discount & promotions

Create exciting discount and promotions for customers.

Floor & table management

Create different menus for different items and make adjustments with an intuitive interface. You can also add images to help employees find items faster.

Waiter multi kiosk

Waiters can take orders from the table and send them directly to the kitchen. Sync up with all other kiosks & systems in your restaurant for a seamless operation.

Easily expand business

Fit for kiosk, start up store and ready for chain store. No matter how big your business is, the POS system ensure you stress-free pricing & inventory synced and consolidated in real time. Opt for accounting entries too to be sync up for even higher efficiency.


Add POS as you need

Don’t over invest, you can slowly add another POS system as your second cashier counter as your business grow. It’s easy as we’re here to help!

Easy manage

Inventory, purchase, price, promotion & account will be auto-synced across all stores. Ensure data consistency and reduce your workloads.

Setup new store

Our system is flexible and scalable. You can add as many POS systems as you open more stores. It can be done as easily as copy & paste.

Payment reconciliation

Let the system reconcile all transactions from all your stores and updates them to the central system. Check & track effortlessly.

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Full integration capabilities

Our dynamic & powerful system is designed to link or partner with others software hardware and software to give you control of every aspect of your business.

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i-Mall sales submission

Our i-Mall plugin can help you automatically transmits your daily sales data to over 50 top shopping malls. Fulfilling the tenancy agreement with accurate sales submission.


Seamless connection with hardware: payment terminals, display screens, printers, scanners, price checkers, weight machine, card readers & more.

Loyalty system

Plugin member loyalty system to offer great rewards & build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Point of Sale Hardware

We’ve got you covered for all your IT needs. All hardware are guaranteed to work perfectly and last for years.

Plus, all hardware come with a great warranty to ensure you peace of mind.

The Must Haves


Frequently Bought Together


Payment Device


Barcode Printer


Portable Controller

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Magnetic Stripe

Read info from card’s magnetic stripe like cardholder details etc


Mifare Card Reader

Read Mifare cards widely used in public transport, employee access, gated housing etc


Mycard Reader

Slot in Mykad for quick reading, smart convenience


Self Serve Order Kiosk

Patrons can place own orders, order automated to boost turnover and reduce cost


Price Checker

Allow customers to scan products for info & prices


Weight Machine

Accurate fast service & integrate to cash out counter


paper-rolls Paper Rolls


Barcode Label & Thermal Ribbon

Get your business off the ground quickly and easily with Smart New Retail POS.