Plugin & API

Connect to system out there


Group 46709 (6) 

Integrates everything you need to run your business, from warehouse management to accounting. We’ve got you covered.

Group 46710 (6) 

Real-time flow with e-commerce platform to unified products, orders & inventory management.

Group 46711 (6)

Pre-integrated with multiple leading ERP providers to facilitate quick and cost-effective implementations.

Automatic sales data submission

A hassle-free sales data submission to malls and fulfill tenancy terms, reducing manual work, potential error, or any delays in data processing.


Shopping Malls

Submit sales to 50+ malls

i-Mall system is pre-integrated with over 50 shopping malls in Malaysia, such as 1 Utama, IOI City Mall, Paradigm Mall, NU Sentral, The Mines, Sungai Wang Plaza, Queensbay Mall, etc.

Simply plug & play

Quick and simple to install and use. It can be set up in a few hours, and then you’ll enjoy the ease of automation.

Automatic submission

Just get the plugin & install it! Your store will automatically send its sales data to the shopping mall without any human effort or delay.

Gross sales turnover

i-GTO system is ready to handle sales turnover to fulfill those tenancy requirements too.

Unite in-store & online business

We understand! You like to maintain your ecommerce webstore however needing complete system to help operate smoothly! Hence, we are open to talk integration.


Flexible integration

Ready API to seamlessly connect with eCommerce providers like SiteGiant, WooCommerce, O2O Digital and more.

Inventory effortlessly

Keeps your online and offline orders plus inventory in sync. Whenever you make an online sale, the item quantity will also be updated immediately.

Fast & easy sync

Auto upload product details & update stock quantity to eCommerce stores.


Integrate eCommerce with POS

Connect your POS system to many types of eCommerce providers, giving you the ability to create omnichannel shopping experiences.


Point Of Sales

Auto sync order & product

Automatically synchronizes orders, products and customer data from your eCommerce store to your POS.

Click Collect or Driver Delivery

Opportunity to provide click collect & click delivery service that allows customers to choose how to receive their purchase with link to driver apps.

Sync ecommerce to Store POS

eCommerce orders can be managed consistently through POS. Whenever you make an online sale, the item quantity will also be updated in POS immediately.

Connect any systems

We know every business is unique, which is why we’ve developed APIs to integrate seamlessly with any system your business uses.


Automate payment to banks

Integration with 15 local banks. i-Bank system can automatically make payments to banks, which will speed up payments and enhance accuracy.

Custom integration

Streamline business processes and connect to any enterprise system or application that you’re using: CRM, SAP, ERP, warehouse system, delivery app, etc.


Learn how we can help you improve connectivity and get the most out of your systems.