Member Management

A cardless membership app & platform helps you engage with customers and collect data.

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Enroll with MyKad at Store. Get all points, redemption, statement, promotion updates in app.

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   Point, vouchers, stamps & discounts are conveniently rewarded online & offline; it’s seamless!

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Whatsapp, email, & trigger blast by GPS location to keep your business connect with customers.

Multiple rewards choices

Provide different types of rewards to keep your customers engaged and happy.

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Reward customers with real-time membership points collection & redemption. Manageable instantly.

Digital stamps

Manage promotion stamps virtually without conventional pre-printed card, massive cost saving.


Collect and manage membership credit in advance cashless transaction with secure protection.


Distribute enormous amount of voucher easily, fast and controllable at only your fingertip.

Engage your customers

There’s a lot you can do to reach your customers and build a special bond with them.


Apps wallet

Create your brand wallet into apps for that seamless contactless payment.

Email & newsletter system

Stay connected with brands stories through email or newsletter blast.

Survey & rewards system

Encourage review through survey system that provide by offering direct rewards to members while you get that statistics.

Referral invitation

Member get member is the great way to secure more loyalty customers to your brand.

Apps notification

Let customers received instant update with apps push notifications.

SMS system

SMS, the efficient way of communications without customers missing out promotions or offer.

Transaction trigger events (TTE) system

Offer as many add-on rewards as you like through automation ways.

Birthday promotion

It’s great to pamper your customers especially on their birthdays! Give them great rewards!


Reward customers for referrals

Use the easy-to-use tools to create your referral campaigns and start driving sales.



Customize referral campaign

Fully customizable referral campaigns. Simply set your own rules and define rewards.

Automatic referral link generator

Automatically creates a personalized referral link for each user.

Automatic reward issuing

Create, schedule, and automate reward fulfillment.

Configure reward options

Configurable rewards options that align with your campaign goals: vouchers, prepaid, points, or stamps.

Instantly share to major channels

Copy & paste, share the referral link via Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, email and more with just one click.

Know your customers

View every interaction a customer has with your business and use it for upsells.


Member insights

Access your member’s data, such as their birth dates, card expiration dates, and spending habits.

Sales and traffic insights

See members visited in last month, members register outlet, and the last month/recent two weeks register or renewal members.


Delight your customers with rewards and watch your customer base grow bigger.