Inventory Management

Now you can manage all inventory from one place even faster

inventory management

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Complete full cycle stock acquisition, transfer, returns. When comes to multi stores, it’s winner to save time

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Inventory real-time sync, error-free. You can sell products with confidence, effortless & easy manage

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Automated inventory quantity updates across muti channels & 020 automated stock flow throughout

Powerful inventory tools

Multiple tools to help you manage products with different attributes & variants. Unlike ordinary inventory system, these tools give you the control you need to effectively sell any product.

Stock Specialist

stock specialist


Easily create bar code base on colours, size & print scan labels especially useful for fashion.

Multi Barcode

Keep barcode or your stocks & maintain manufacturer’s barcode.

Multi UOM

Flexible to price & sell in pieces, cartons or dozen setting.

Serial Number

Unique serial number for warranty & services tracking.


Pick & bundle up products to sell in packages.

Consignment Stock

Manage consignment counter stocks including transfer & return.

Central Management

When you run multi stores, multi channels & running franchise models, you need a place to consolidate the stocks movement & manage with ease.


inventory centralized

Multi stores

Set different price point by store location, sell special price for premium members.

Multi channel

Auto upload product details & update stock quantity to ecommerce stores.

Subsidiary company

Control supply & replenish of franchise store or branch companies.

Promotions & Discounts

Maximize existing products sales in any way that suits your needs, with all types of promotions method built in the system.



PWP. GWP, Mix & Match

Run promotion without burdening since our system can easily set all sorts promo : PWP, GWP, mix & match.

Promotion Simulator

Simulate promotion at stores to ensure it’s the way you want it to be.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule different type of promotion or run simultaneous promotion.

Total Inventory Control

Regardless of any changes in the inventory, you can instantly check its status at any time.

Stock Control

stock control

Stock Takes & Stock Take Gun

Stock take quick & mobile with apps, stock take gun & all sorts of listings.

Stock Transfer

Manage with clear insights for stocks transfer status across all stores & franchise locations.

Stock return & write off

Accurate stocks update for any return & control write off.

Complete purchasing flow

Gives you control the entire purchasing flow to keep your costs down, ensure productivity.




Supplier PO requisition form, stock listing, transfer & return.

Purchase order

Re-order control & low stock alert, opening quantity & stock take.


Clicks to invoicing & accounting entries.

Interprise system integrations

Improve efficiency & data accuracy by integrating seamlessly with your existing enterprise system.


integration inventory

Warehouse Management System

Data Accuracy with import export integration to ensure that inventory batch control that reduce human work & minimize error. With complete stock flow cycle, outlet or interbranch stock request IBT, outlet replenish ORP, digital stock (wePOD). Even taking care of Parent and subsidiary transaction flow!

Business Intelligence

With an intuitive dashboard, pre-define analytics for you to go in-depth analysis or create any reports dimensions, matrix, charts. Smart decisions comes from great analysist!