I-Series API

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i-series API

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Help Streamline your business

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Remove Manual Entry Errors

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 Easy & Fast Integration without API

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Increase efficiency and accuracy

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Flexible integrate to a wide range of software

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Work seamlessly across all business software

Automated Data Transfer

Integrate data from different Systems and align your Business!

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i-Series API


A hasssle- free sales data submission to malls and fulfill tenancy terms , reducing manual work , potential error , or any delays in data processing


Auto Generate transaction listing and import files to the selected banking system, speeding up payment process and accuracy.


Integrable with any enterprise system. Entegrable with e-commerce platfrom .


Dynamod API

  • Perfect for retail business
  • Sync data  from third -party e-commerce platforms or Apps to Dynamod System.


  • Perfect for multiple outlets or F&B
  • Sync orders & data from third -party e-commerce platforms or delivery apps to POS System.

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