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key highlight 

Account Receivable & Payable

Account Receivable & Payable

taxes integrated

Taxes Integrated

cash management

Cash Management

real time reporting

Real Time Reporting

Sales & Purchase Cycle

Sales & Purchase Cycle

multi company & user

Multi Company & User


Simple and modern interface, friendly wizard, and well flown function. Accounting is no longer intimidating.


Complete sales, purchase, account & bank flow to keep business organized and get paid. No hassle on tax deadlines.


Mobile app for modern lifestyle. Stay tip toe with information like control aging, cash book & finances while holidaying.

Optimize wholesale

Embrace integrated tools that takes care your wholesale business finances with ease and without the stress.



Unlimited price book

Create different pricing level that suit to different type of customers like wholesale. Great price control & no wrong billings.

Auto/bulk email statements

Send clear statement to wholesale customers automatically, timely reminder to get paid promptly.

Get paid faster

Say hello to a complete way of sales cycle up to invoicing customers. You’ll get a crystal clear status of owing payments to secure your collection.


Full sales cycle

Just import the details in these documents: Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, etc.

Recurring & batch invoice

Copy & repeat regular invoices with all details within or create invoices in batches, super quick!

Salesman commission

Allocate commission to salesman by percentage of collection, fixed amount or as a percentage of item price.

Monthly statement reminder

Easily check details and search bills through filter & search. Send monthly statement to remind payment.

Invoicing in seconds

Create good looking invoices with your own logo, payment terms and customer info.

Accept deposit, cash or card

Besides credit term invoices, cash bills & deposits receipt can be arranged during billings.

Multi currency

Freedom to bill in any currency. Plus, you can set default currencies by customers too.


Payment made easy

Automate your accounts payable process to reduce the risk of late payment and make your accounts payable more efficient.



Full purchase cycle

Just import the details in these documents: Purchase Order, Invoice, Goods Received Note, Debit Note, etc.

Pay for purchases

Bank cheque, credit card, cash, vouchers all acceptable to make payment smoother.

Quickly record a purchase

User friendly & quick record of bills, payments or any entries.

Smart inspector tools

Track supplier cost/selling price, compatible stock, sales history, purchase history & statement.

Cashflow at a glance

Take control of your cash flow, monitor the money flowing into and out of your business on a regular basis.


Connect bank accounts

Handle receivable & payments seamlessly. Clear bank & e-wallets payment status. Money in and out at a glance.

Auto correct discrepancy

With system in place, it’s easy to track & correct any discrepancy, It’s easy to edit & re-match back to relevant bills or invoices.

Simplify bank reconciliation

With bank reconciliation automated, a few checks will complete the monthly reconcile process with no time to waste.


Accurate financial data

Access instant financial reports so you can make informed business decisions.



View data on apps

Finance figure travels in dashboard styles at your palm. Allowing you to stay in control & stress free.

Details analysis

Be in the know of stocks & sales trend & have good understanding over customer analysis by figure.

Share your progress

Sync your daily accounting records to your online, eliminating repeat entries at their end. Stay efficient & reduce costs!

Up-to-date reports

Generate reports like Profit & Loss, cash in hand, sales & expense reports for your business any time you want them.

Make tax time a breeze

Keep all transactions organized. Be ready for effortless tax reporting that will make your accountant smile.

Key Features

Account Receivable

  • Complete sales
  • Custome/recurring invoices
  • multi currency
  • Salesman commission
  • Deposits & discounts
  • Payment reminders
  • customer inspectors tool

Account Payable

  • Complete purchase cycle
  • Snap & store receipts
  • Automate bill/expense entry
  • Pay for bill/expense
  • Recurring payments
  • Supplier inspector tool

Cash Management

  • Connect with bank account
  • Powerful bank reconciliation
  • Transaction matching
  • Multi type collection
  • Multi store collection
  • Multi currency payment mode entry

Advanced Reports

  • General ledger
  • Tax summary
  • P&L statement,balance sheet
  • Accountant access
  • Multi level analysis
  • Unrealized foreign currency gain & loss
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Key Benefits

Smart Decisions

Real-time reporting facilitates informed financial decisions

More Flexible

Access to financial data with mobile device anytime anywhere

Better Control

Crystal clear on your financial status & better organize your cash flow

Error Free 

Transaction data auto -synced around the clock, accurate & efficient

Ease Of Use

Simple interface, quick accounting entry & recurring functions

Tax Compliant

Fully integrated tax, calculation & filling made easy

Simple to use, no accounting knowledge needed.