Cloud Dynamod 

Spot on inventory platform, management on cloud.

dynamod cloud

customer sales module

Customer Sales Module

daily backup module

Daily Backup Module


Supplier Sales Module

inventory module

Inventory Module

multi pos manage module

Muti POS Manage Module

intelligence analytics

Intelligence Analytics

Management On Cloud

Track and Maintain healthy stock level with auto updates stock status , with crystal clear stock insights for better control & promotion plans . Your business stay competitive & Grow.

Dynamod Cloud

dynamod cloud

Stock Item

i-Bar code, category settings multi unit Measurement BOM Supplier PO requisition & more


Opening quantity & Stock take Re- order control . Transfer & return . Write off & adjustment & more…

Data Available 24/7

Multi-level price set Stock price by location minimum price control Break even analysis & more

Useful form

Store  front -re order request, Store front check list,Stock balance listing & more 

Pro Inventory

Stock matrix , serial number Subsidary company stock promotion PWP Mix & Match , Buy & Free…